The Deluxe Box

The Deluxe Box Includes:


6 x Cod Portions (5-6oz)

6 x Salmon Portions (5-6oz)

2 x Bags Breaded Scmampi (454g each)

1 x Bag Tiger Prawns (16/20 per bag)


This box is a simple, quick order; it comes with some of our best selling portions that are hand cut daily. 

The large cod fillets in which our cod portions come from are purchased directly from Scotland.  

The Salmon Portions are cut from our deliacte fillets and vac-packed ready to either be frozen or consumed.

The bags of breaded scampi are frozen and sold in 454g bags each.  They are small breaded chunks of scampi meat and are perfect for deep frying, adding that extra bit of flavour into the desired meal. 

The large, frozen, head on prawns are in 1 kilo bags with 16/20 bags per kilo.  They are perfect for the freezer as you can take as many prawns as you would like out at a time rather than having to defrost the whole bag.

The Deluxe Box