The Dining Box

The Dining Box Includes:


2 x Cooked Lobsters (400g each)

1kg x Crevettes (30/40 per kilo)

1 x Side of Salmon (Filleted)

1 x Devon Hand-picked Crab Meat


This box is perfect for anyone searching for a lavish, premade box of fish.  Our boxes provide a level of simplicity when ordering as the boxes are already together. 

Our cooked lobsters are frozen down in brine. The brine maintains the lobsters quality and freshness as the lobsters have already been cooked.

A Crevette is a small type of Shrimp. In the box you will recieve a kilo of these shrimps and there are 30/40 crevettes per kilo.

Our gorgeous salmon fillets are hand prepared by our skilled blockman daily.  We recieve large amounts of the freshest whole fish into our depot nearly everyday which creates the best quality, freshest fillets.

Our tubs of Deven Hand Picked Crab Meat are purchased directly from Devon.  They come in 454g tubs and are ready to impress any customer. 


The Dining Box