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Zero Audit Actions

We passed our SALSA audit (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) with flying colours achieving zero actions or recommendations for corrective action demonstrating impeccable:

  • Food Safety and Hygiene

  • Compliance with regulations

  • Health and Safety

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Employee Training and Engagement 

  • Risk Management


Attentive Customer Service

Chapman's Fish is renowned for its exceptional customer service, setting a gold standard in the industry.  The customer service team, equipped with extensive product knowledge and exemplary problem-solving skills, handles enquiries and resolves issues with utmost efficiency and professionalism.  Chapman's Fish consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations, earning the unwavering loyalty and trust of its clientele.


Highly Skilled Craftsman

At Chapman's Fish, our fish filleters are meticulously trained professionals dedicated to delivering the highest quality fillets with precision and expertise. Each member of our team undergoes extensive training in fish anatomy, knife skills, and food safety protocols to ensure consistent and flawless filleting every time. Our filleters possess an acute understanding of different fish species, allowing them to tailor their techniques accordingly.  Their commitment to excellence is evident in every fillet produced, making Chapman's Fish the preferred choice for those seeking superior quality seafood products.

State of The Art Depot

Our state-of-the-art fish depot is equipped with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading facilities to ensure the freshest and highest quality seafood products. From temperature-controlled storage areas to advanced picking systems that drastically improve efficiency, every aspect of our depot is designed to preserve the freshness and integrity of the seafood and fish we handle.


Modern Facilities


Full-Time Cleaning Team 


Extensive and Regular Testing

Chapmans_of_Sevenoaks_14_1_16 86.jpg


Compulsory In-depth Supplier Approval Scheme 


Full Traceability on All Products


SALSA approved (1).jpg

Cold Chain Logistics

Our refrigerated transport involves the use of specialised and bespoke vehicles with split compartments ensuring and maintaining specific temperature ranges from -25°C in the freezer to 4°C in the fridge.

Our advanced transport systems include temperature monitoring devices to ensure your fish stays at the optimal temperature and minimize fluctuations. These devices provide real-time data to logistics operators, allowing them to intervene if there are any deviations from the desired temperature. Additionally, ventilation systems are employed to ensure proper air circulation, which helps maintain consistent temperatures within the transport units.


What this means for your business.

We, as registered 'First Time Buyers' cut out the middlemen and buy directly from the fishing boats and UK's fishing markets.  Utilizing our innovative transport solutions we collect from these harbors and markets at the end of our routes allowing the fish to come straight back to our unit with no diversions.  With this we're shaving up to a week off of our supply at a time to genuinely provide you with the freshest fish a restaurant can buy.

Small fishing boat on a stony coast of Havøysund in polar region of North

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UNIT 5 - 6 | Hornet Business Estate | Quarry Hill Road | Borough Green | TN15 8QW |

Tel: 01732 743319

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